… is I do not know how to connect to the UP server via VPN. I have the group authentication details, and my own authentication details to enter, but Vista only shows one form. I’ve tried every possible combination, and each failed.

And this is why I like XP or Linux better.

It was pretty dark, but I don’t know, I somehow like working in the dark. Calm, serene, and kinda cold, which is nice.

Doing modules still. 🙂

Today, I was tasked to program a module that would create the following reports:

  1. Generate a master list of enrolled students (filtered by college, department, program, or all) in a given semester.
  2. Show statistics of enrolled students (i.e., undergraduate male, undergraduate female, graduate male, graduate female) in a given semester.
  3. Filter #1 and #2 to only foreign students.

It feels nice to have work after a mind-boggling summer semester of academics. Programming soothes, well sometimes.

I wasn’t able to attend work because of a stomach problem (think Imodium and Obama) but the team still collaborates with each other through, what else, e-mail.

The concern this time was under the Scholarship module I’ve done previously. I received an e-mail from our supervisor saying…

“There are full scholars who complained that they weren’t paid in the classes they were enlisted in. We saw that you have updated the statuses as paid in <Table 1> but not in <Table 2>.”

Table 2 is where students’ classes are stored in, and contains whether a student is paid or not. If you would just realize the gravity of the situation, it’s pretty big. Well, not pretty, it’s BIG big. I mean, if this weren’t the summer semester, more people with scholarships might have been tagged unpaid. And, students will forever be tagged as unpaid.

So lesson learned — verify everything, realize possible scenarios, and thoroughly test (!!!) before deploying. When working in the university’s information system, you just can’t go wrong. Otherwise it’s a painful fall, a domino effect.

Still in the Update Payment Status module, not only does the module get to tell whether a student is paid, unpaid, or on appeal for his/her subjects in a current semester, but also do one thing, a thing that not only a professor gets to do.

Remove him or her from a class list. Now I am feeling kind of sadistic.


Version Tracking 101

May 9, 2009

It was only at work when I started out using a version control system. Version tracking helps update project files (in our case, website files) easily. Instead of copy-pasting some of the files added or modified in the project, version control helps ease out updating, and lessen conflicts.

We at the team use Subversion. It was pretty hard at first. You have to know when to update your files, how to fix a file conflict, when to add, when to delete. Here are some major things I learned in using SVN.

  1. Always include a commit message — a must-do!
  2. svn-update always so that you’ll always be editing the latest version.
  3. Delete conflict files (filename.r<rev_num>) and edit the conflicting file before committing.
  4. svn-add before committing.
  5. svn-delete before committing.

It became much easier once I got the hang of it, and doing minor (or major) modifications is easy as a snap, avoiding conflict modifications with other teammates-programmers. 🙂


May 6, 2009

This dude finally finished his module just a few minutes ago, modified two lines for debugging, and VOILA.

On waiting mode now. 🙂

The dude has finally finished the screen for the module assigned, and added form validation and error-checking.

CRS: Update Validation Status

It’s been a while since my last job task, and I was hoping for one for quite a while. Now, I have a coding job to do.

This dude will be coding to update validation status of students (for Admissions people). Once a student is paid or validated, his subjects will be marked, well, validated.


I spent a whole day yesterday trying to reconfigure the network settings on Kubuntu, and couldn’t get past it. So, my solution? Reformat. Again. Ugh.

Now, I’m reverting to Linux Mint (like the one I use at home). I have no jobs assigned yet, so I prepped up the PC instead.

CRS: Mint Desktop