Interns, please make sure that your supervisors submit the student assessment form and that you also submit the self-assessment form.

Forms need to be accomplished and submitted on May 25, 2009. Failure to do so will be penalized with a grade of INC.


1. Make sure that your blog entries are in the proper category. This ensures that your posts will be credited.

2. Check with Ms. Mila Ramos if she has received your Form-5 and company letter. She will forward it to us.

3. Grades will be submitted on May 29, 2009.

Join OpenJive 2009!

May 12, 2009

Hello folks,

This is not related to CS195 BUT I am requesting students to join OpenJive 2009. This is an opportunity for students to show off their programming skills and at the same time win some prizes.

Registration has been extend until May 13.


April 30, 2009

All students MUST submit a copy of their Form 5 and the letter from the company certifying that they are indeed working as interns. Without these documents, your internship will not be credited.

Deadline to submit is May 7, 2009. DO NOT FORGET.

One last thing – you are REQUIRED to post AT LEAST TWO blog entries per week!

I am starting to think that I should just give a grade of 5.0 to those who REFUSE to follow the instruction on how to properly categorize their blog entries. The instruction is simple: USE THE CATEGORY THAT WAS CREATED FOR YOU!

I do not know how difficult it is to follow this simple instruction but I believe that if you CANNOT follow this simple instruction, you DO NOT DESERVE to pass this course!

Last Warning

April 22, 2009

This is the last warning – failure to comply will result in a failing grade!

  1. Use YOUR OWN category. Do *NOT* create a random category to accommodate your blog entry! Do *NOT* use the CS195 category, this is reserved for faculty use.
  2. Use the “more” tag, if your blog entry is more than a paragraph.
  3. Delete your DRAFT entries after a week.
  4. Move your blog entry to the proper category if it is UNCATEGORIZED.
  5. You are expected to blog at least twice a week!

For immediate compliance!

Relevant Posts

April 19, 2009


Please ensure that your posts are relevant to your internship. We expect your articles to be very technical – emphasizing on what you are learning and what you are doing. We are not interested in what you had for lunch!

Another reminder, do not create your own category! If you do, please follow the convention – <company>_<student number>.

Follow Instructions!

April 17, 2009

I don’t know if the instructions are not that clear but I find people using the “CS195” category, which is reserved for faculty use only. I also find students not using the “more” tag.

Please FOLLOW instructions!

Blog Access

April 16, 2009

As of today, all interns who accomplished and submitted their form can now start posting their progress reports.

Students who did not register but submitted their form were automatically invited to register at Mr. Lagrimas, Mr. Orencia, Mr. Dela Cruz, Mr. Di, and Ms. Vinluan – why can’t you follow simple instructions?

Interns for DCS

April 12, 2009

Interns who are applying for the dept internship slots, please attend the briefing on Tuesday, 9AM, Consultation Room. Do not be late.

Blog Access

April 9, 2009

Please accomplish this form to request for blog access.