June 8, 2009


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Tasks 2 and 3

May 31, 2009

After finishing our first and major task, we were immediately given what to do next. First, we just have to fix the maintenance for the reference tables to be used in our project. The code is already existing that’s why all we had to do was to do some changes in the code and focus mainly in the database. Well, since there’s not much coding, we were able to finish the task within the same day. After doing so, we moved on to our next task which is the maintenance of the rest of the tables. The maintenance would handle creating, editing and deleting of records. I guess it’s simpler than the first one. The only difficult part here would be the error checking. And from what I can see, I think we can finish it by next week(if everything goes along our way). Wish us luck! 🙂

Last Monday and Tuesday, we were allowed to work from home since the company had their outing. Of course, initially, everyone was happy. No need to wake up early. No need to travel all the long way to Makati. And we can all work at the comfort of our own homes. We were all happy at one point, but not until we encountered problems that hindered us from working with our respective tasks. Strangely, almost all of us had problems with the database and Read the rest of this entry »

Project Update 2

May 24, 2009

For the past two weeks, I’ve been working on the same task, that is, View Payroll Summary. In terms of the progress for the project, it is not a good news at all. We were supposed to finish our tasks and start a new one last Monday, but sad to say, we were not able to finish it on time. I guess we had a hard time getting used to and adapting to their framework. Good thing our mentors were kind enough to understand and to not pressure us in any way. Read the rest of this entry »

The Magic of AJAX

May 23, 2009

My first task requires me to use Asynchronous JavaScript and XML(AJAX) for my drop down list. First, the user must choose an organization. Then, as he chooses an organization, the drop down for the payroll run dates and the year would be populated. If the user chooses a payroll run date, then the payroll periods would be populated. But if the user chooses a year, then the month drop down list will be populated and the payroll periods under that year and month will be displayed. All these would happen without redirecting to another page or clicking any button. Amazing isn’t it? If it were not to use Ajax, that would mean different pages for each drop down. But, with Ajax’s magic, all the drop down lists are in the same page. It was actually my first time to use Ajax and it really amazes me. With its cool feature, maybe it’s the reason why it’s popular among the developers. 🙂

(I’ll post some screen shots of my task next time.)

Divide and Conquer

May 17, 2009

In order to make us work synchronously and to let us maximize the time left, Ma’am Gem divided the work(high priority) among us. Luckily, I was assigned to make the View Payroll Summary. With this task, I must show the breakdown of the computation of the salary for each employee in tabular form. Though it seemed a bit easy, Ma’am Gem told me it would get more challenging and more complicated as we go along the way. And since we are working all at the same time, and knowing that my task is dependent on the actual payroll run, we are first to assume that the database has been populated. From the layout she has shown me, it requires Ajax/jquery. I haven’t tried Ajax before so learning this technology would be another thing(and I have yet to study this technology). So, the assigned task for me is actually simple and all I have to do is one query, but I am still in the getting-to-know-the-framework-and-the-code phase. The problem is, we are to present it to Ma’am Gem on Monday, so the pressure’s on us right now. Hope we’d finish it on time or if not, I really hope they’d be satisfied with the output and the progress of our work.

Project Update

May 15, 2009

Last Monday, we’ve started doing our project- the Payroll System for Seer. Actually, a payroll system is already existing however, it is a bit complicated which is why they don’t use it anymore. To help us in completing this project, they even provided us a working framework that would be useful for our project. We would just insert our codes to it. It might look like as if it would make our task simpler but we are also having a hard time tracing the codes since we are clueless on the flow of the program. And knowing that we are to do this project as a group, versioning of files would be another concern. So, in order to solve this problem, we are to implement subversions with the help of the software Tortoise SVN. This software lets us connect to a repository and we’d just commit the changes we did in the project and the rest of the group would just update their copy. It’s just that simple. And so far, this tool has really been very useful.

The following day, Tuesday, we’ve populated the tables for the pay elements(SSS, PhilHealth, etc) for an employee. Then, the rest of the day, was used analyzing the data models and the framework of the project. I realized how difficult it is to analyze other people’s code and understanding the concepts at the same time. For the next days, we were busy still with the analyzation. I hope we would understand all the things and finish it on time. Four more weeks to go. Wish us luck. 🙂

Hello Project!

May 8, 2009

Last Wednesday, we presented our third and last case study to our mentors Sir Jason and Sir Tong and to Seer’s External Consultant Ma’am Gem. The presentation went well and right after that, they announced the projects in line for us, interns. There will be two projects, and so they divided us into two groups. And to make things easier, they divided us according to school. So now, I am grouped with Dan and Joelle, while Rai and Klang from Ateneo are in a different group. Our group will be supervised by Ma’am Gem. We’ll be doing an internal program for Seer. But before we could even start with our project, they left us with some more things for us to read and study. They let us see and read something about jQuery, FreeMarker and Acegi Security. In addition to what we’ve learned from the SiS training, I think we’ll apply these new technologies. Read the rest of this entry »

GOOD NEWS: Well, I have finished my third and hopefully the last case study last Monday and I am left with some error checking. Yey! I guess I understand now better the flow of the codes.

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Last Tuesday, Sir Jason gave our third case study. We’ll be doing the same application but the only difference is the framework. We’ll be applying the technologies (Struts 2, iBATIS and Spring) that we’ve learned during our one-day seminar. Honestly, at the beginning of the case study, I had a hard time running and debugging the project. The first problem I encountered was that the index page won’t show up. I can’t seem to find the error. And I even wasted half of my day just trying to debug. Our mentors, as well, couldn’t say what went wrong. I think that’s what’s difficult in making web applications. They won’t display the error trace. It would just print errors such as: ‘HTTP 404’ or ‘HTTP 500’ and leave the guessing and the debugging up to the programmer. The good thing however is that I am not the only one encountering the same problem. Hehe. 😀 After hours of looking and finding the error, Ma’am Kristel suggested to check if all the variables have their own setter-getter methods. And so I checked, and checked the entire project, only to find out that I missed one variable. Then, I tried to run the project, and, voila! there were no more errors and it displayed the index page. That simple problem caused a major delay. Tsk! After that big hurdle, everything went smoothly(slight). I learned a bit but I can say that I haven’t actually master the whole concept. Right now, I guess I am half way through our project, but still, I am encountering some problems. I hope to fully understand the concepts and finish the project by Tuesday. Wish me luck! 🙂