While everyone else is at the beach, enjoying the summer heat and resting to their heart’s desire, I chose to spend my vacation by enrolling in CS 195, an elective which offers the students the chance to learn about programming outside the classroom. I was so excited about this experience because I really want to get the feel of working as an IT Professional in a company. Trade Channel has given me this chance and it has been my second home for five and a half weeks. The first task assigned to us was to modify the Azuthai website. We really started with simple projects like editing sites but after some time, I was reassigned to the Oracle Inventory System Project. This assignment changed my life.
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My happy ending..

May 20, 2009

Hi all!
Here are the tasks I’ve accomplished since Monday:

-transaction security
Last Friday, we had started to create security modules for the software and I extended them to all the transactions last Monday. I created a program unit named CHECKUSERLEVEL which acquires the user level of the person using the system from the database.  The user level is needed to define what the user can and cannot do with the transaction documents. There are four levels:
1. ANY – the user can view/add/edit/delete documents
2. view/add/edit/
3. view/add
4. view only
The checkuserlevel program unit is called from the button triggers.



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Sir Joel presented the inventory system last Wednesday. I wasn’t able to go with him and instead I continued working on the manual. I finished the manual after a couple of hours and I was REALLY very happy with what I have accomplished. later in the afternoon, Sir Joel called up and told me that I have to do some changes with the system (AGAIN) due to the request of the customer. As the saying goes, the customer is always right, so we really have no choice but to do it. Here are the changes that were required by the customer:

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An extensive manual..

May 12, 2009

I have been writing the Inventory Management System’s manual for two days now. This system has been my first project here in Trade Channel and since I know how it works, I might as well write it’s manual. The manual I am making is pretty lengthy because the system has a lot of modules in it and I want to be able to explain every part in detail so that the person who will be reading it can easily learn how to use the software.

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My title is very apt for what I have been doing for the past two days. Little by little, we have been creating a new site for the Pastry Alliance of the Philippines. We have accomplished several things like the membership page, the log-in and ‘contact us’ forms and the roknewsrotator for the image slide show.

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Curious about my title? Well, I thought of this title because the rain ruined all our plans yesterday. We were supposed to go to Sweetlink’s office, the company that will use the Inventory System we created, to deliver the software. Sir Joel was supposed to set-up the IMS at the main office in Sucat and I was assigned to teach the staff on how to use the software. The driver came to fetch us at around 9:30 am and we took off after a couple of minutes. Since it was raining heavily that day, the traffic condition was TERRIBLE! We decided to pass along the C-5 road but to our dismay it took us 1 hour before we reached Katipunan. Sir Joel called up his boss and asked him if we could just go back to TechnoHub since the excessive number of vehicles is taking a LOT of our time. His boss agreed and we found ourselves in front of Robinson’s Galleria. We rode a taxi there and in less than 30 mins, we were back in TechnoHub. It was really an unproductive trip to say the least and we lost a half day’s worth of work because of that.

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Oracle has been my BFF for two weeks now. We have been using Oracle for our software which is an Inventory Management System. Our IMS is almost complete, we are just adding other features to make the software more efficient and of help to the people who will be using it. In the past, I have been assigned to update the Oracle Reports (which i discussed in one of my previous blogs) but yesterday, Sir Joel taught me how to create Oracle Forms.

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stop BUGging me..

April 28, 2009

The past two days have been devoted to the testing and finalization of the
inventory system that we created last week. Sir Joel will be presenting it
this thursday, so it must be flawless by then.

As we all know, testing the software is as vital as creating it.
It is very important to test every part of the software to ensure that it
can handle any kinds of errors and will serve its purpose.
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I looooove Oracle..

April 23, 2009

Since last Tuesday, I was tasked by Sir Joel to finish the Oracle Reports he already started. Before I started working, he gave me a short introduction about Oracle Reports and Forms while I install the Oracle CD (which took a looonnggg time).
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My Joomla! Experience

April 21, 2009

Hello everyone,

I am writing this blog to update you about my experiences here in Trade Channel.. =)

Yesterday was a very busy day for the three of us here (robert, jez, and myself). A website is due to be published and it still needs a lot of improvements. Unfortunately, Sir Joel was late for work so we only have the afternoon to work on the project.

The website is for the “Manila meets Ming” event which a cooking showdown among culinary schools. Ming Tsai is a renowned chef from HongKong. He will come to the Philippines to judge the cooking contest and promote his book.
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